[BMW E90 M3 Exhaust Muffler] Stainless Front X-pipe [BNE90-04]

[BMW E90 M3 Exhaust Muffler] Stainless Front X-pipe [BNE90-04]

Price for: $2,226.00

Package Weight: 15kg


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Is necessary for more Louder & Hi-pitch sounds.

Material : Stainless Steel
Packing Dimension: 500x1260x260mmBy carton box
Weight: 10kg *After the packing.
Price Base: FOB Factory
Shippment: DHL Express
Shipping Charge: Shall be covered on your account.

*Our exhaust system puts the metal of the different characteristic together in handcraft, and it is made build-to-order manufacturing. In lead time,It is about 14-20 days after a remittance